The Nature Conservancy Yangtze Ads


These Yangtze ads were developed in 2010 and still in occasional use today. Their focus is on protecting the tremendous but greatly endangered wildlife on the Yangtze.

PSA development:

These ads were both developed to address specific issues. The finless porpoise ad was used to generate opposition to the proposed Xiaonanhai Dam near Chongqing. The carp version is used to bring conservation issues more closer to our daily lives through using a painting of one of China’s most commonly eaten fish which are increasingly threatened on the Yangtze.

These ads have both been published in FORTUNE China magazine, New Finance Economics, and several other smaller magazines.

The target audience is urban, 25 to 50 years old, and well-educated. The call to action is to learn more about the issue as well as the efforts by TNC to protect the Yangtze.