The Media Alliance was formed in 2009 by a group of prominent Asia-based media and advertising industry executives who believed that there was a need to create an organization in the Asia-Pacific region that would bring together the reach and influence of all sectors of the media industry, the creative talents and marketing know-how of the advertising and related communications industries, and the resources and expertise of international development agencies and foundations in multi-sector partnerships to deliver critical pro-social messaging through public service advertising, entertainment and editorial content.

Many of those industry executives continue to serve on The Media Alliance™s Board of Advisors, and since 2009 have been joined by other prominent industry personalities who recognise the need for increased and improved communications and message dissemination in the Asia-Pacific region on issues relating to sustainable development, climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster prevention and preparedness, protection of the natural environment, labor rights, child rights, human trafficking, health pandemics, safe water and nutrition.

These executives also recognised that the media “ both traditional media and social media – provide the most effective channels of information to reach and influence the widest audiences, and that by raising public knowledge and understanding of these and other issues, the media can also help to combat poverty, contribute to the social advancement of developing countries, and to the peace and stability of the region.

The Media Alliance’s stakeholders include Media Organizations such as broadcasters, online, print, outdoor, cinema and in-flight who provide media space for the public awareness campaigns; Advertising, PR and Creative Agencies who contribute in-kind creative and production services to ensure campaigns are of the highest possible quality; International Development and Donor Organizations working to promote sustainable development, social justice and the alleviation of poverty in the Asia-Pacific region; and Private Sector Companies with a strong track record of supporting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

The initial funding support for The Media Alliance came from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency which works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. As The Media Alliance embarked on the production of its first media campaign “the Redraw the Line™ climate change awareness campaign” – it was joined by the Asian Development Bank whose mandate is to promote economic and social development in Asian and Pacific countries through loans and technical assistance.