GMA Oplan Kalusugan


It is a known fact that 80% of the Philippine population lives below poverty line1 and lack the means of proper medical care2. By coordinating with local officials, the events team found out the needs of the chosen communities.

Creative Strategy:

With this, the network decided to create a campaign known as OPLAN KALUSUGAN (Operation Health: Medical Mission) that aims to partner with the network’s programs and thrust of public service. The medical mission provides flu vaccinations, eye check-ups with free reading glasses, pre-natal check-ups, and consultations for common ailments in partnership with the Department of Health, reputable hospitals, and sponsors. Aside from the public service activities, we partnered with our TV program, ‘On-Call’, a public service show that responds to viewers’ community-related grievances.

Target Audience:

OPLAN KALUSUGAN was created to cater to those communities that have little to no access to proper medical care. We chose 3 cities in Metro Manila that had a high density population in order to serve more people.

Media Outlets And Launch:

For awareness of the OPLAN KALUSUGAN event, we had on-air announcement plugs that gave general details of the event. Our TV program “On-Call” also featured the event details weeks prior to the event proper. We also had an info page on that had all the details and information about the event. OPLAN KALUSUGAN ‘s first leg took place on October 15, 2011 at the Barracks Covered Court in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City.

3 The three legs took place in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City, San Andres. Manila and Bagong Silangan, Quezon City


OPLAN KALUSUGAN was a perfect way for our sponsors to carry out their CSR. They were also given both On-Air and On-Ground exposure. In the weeks previous to the event legs, there were announcement plugs that we aired to inform viewers of the OPLAN KALUSUGAN medical care services that will be provided, dates and venues for the 3 legs. During the duration of the 3 legs, sponsors were also given Solo Health Tips Plugs that we aired on GMA News TV.

At the event proper, sponsors had exposure through flyers being given out, banners and standees present at the venue, booths with product/service sampling and logos present at all OPLAN KALUSUGAN informational tarpaulins.

A post-event plug was also produced and aired that featured the event proper with product and logo incidentals for all the sponsors.


The OPLAN KALUSUGAN campaign proved to be a success by exceeding target patient quota by 81.17%3, as well as providing 1,465 free vaccinations to poverty-stricken areas within the metro. Total number of patients served was at 2,174. The campaign was also successful in promoting the channel to its target audiences as well as providing medical services to those who lack the means for proper medical care


OPLAN KALUSUGAN was able to provide 1,465 free flu vaccinations for kids and adults in these areas where medical care is not easily accessed. With this, including all the other medical services we provided, people from these poverty-stricken areas are now more aware of the proper medical care they need. Because of this event, many barangays have requested that OPLAN KALUSUGAN take place in their areas and that’s why this year, we have started with another phase of OPLAN KALUSUGAN in a different set of barangays.

Many attendees of OPLAN KALUSUGAN were very pleased that they were able to get free services since a lot of them never really got the chance to have their ailments checked before.

Our original target for total number of patients was at 1,200.

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