A Showcase of the Best Public Service Advertising Campaigns

The purpose of this showcase is to share best practices and to raise awareness of the scope and creativity of public service advertising campaigns that have been created for television, radio, print, cinema, outdoor, online and social media.

Advertising/PR agencies, media companies, non-governmental organizations and international development agencies are invited to submit, for inclusion in the showcase, campaigns created for public awareness of pro-social and sustainable development issues that were aired or published between 2010 and 2012.

The showcase enables content to be promoted to The Media Alliance’s media partners and therefore should be appropriate and suitable for Asia-Pacific regional usage. Submissions should be rights cleared and available for use by other interested media outlets.

To qualify for inclusion in the showcase, PSA submissions:

  • Need to demonstrate a smart strategy, attention-getting creative, and impressive results.
  • Must have utilized a number of paid, donated, or earned vehicles which may include print,
  • Broadcast, online, and social media content.
  • Should be appropriate and suitable for Asia-Pacific regional usage.
  • Additional information that would enhance the submission:
  • PSAs with languages other than English, English subtitles or translations
  • Background information on the development of the PSA. What background research was done?
  • What was the creative strategy?
  • Substantial considerations on target audience, media outlets, timing. Who was the targetaudience? What media outlets were used?
  • When was the PSA launched?
  • Sponsor information. What were incentives for sponsors?
  • Supporting campaign material
  • Impact. What was the audience reach? What correlations were visible?
  • Effect. Data on social behavioral changes due to the PSA.
  • Full contact information should be provided to facilitate enquiries from parties interested in making use of the content.

Supporting documentation such as synopses of the campaign/content and an overall description of the project should accompany submissions.

Submissions and queries should be sent electronically to: Christel van Eck Email: christel.van.eck@mediaalliance.asia Or Email: info@mediaalliance.asia