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Background information on the development of the PSA. What background research was done? What was the creative strategy?

GMA News TV’s equity is “True Service” for Filipinos across the country. It is with this thrust that GMA News TV decided to create public service oriented activities that would cater to the needs of the Filipino public. There are over 2.2 million recorded OFWs in 2012, therefore, there was a market for families who would want to communicate with their loved ones abroad. GMA News TV decided to honor and show gratitude to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their families currently in the Philippines. Thus the concept for “Call for All” was formed.

Substantial considerations on target audience, media outlets, timing. Who was the target audience? What media outlets were used? When was the PSA launched?

Our target audience for the event was families of OFWs in the National Capital Region (NCR). The percentage of OFWs from NCR comprises 12.5% of the total number of Filipino OFWs, a wide audience to communicate the free public service to.

The first run of “Call for All” brought GMA News TV to two venues. The first one was in Barangay Galas, Quezon City, which research tabbed as one of the communities with the biggest number of families of OFWs. These families were then able to communicate with their loved ones all throughout the day.

The second venue of “Call for All” was the Philippines Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) building in Quezon City. The POEA is a government agency that promotes and monitors overseas employment of the country’s labor expatriates .With over 10,000 applicants daily at the POEA applying for jobs abroad, there was a captured audience for GMA News TV’s “Call for All” service. Therefore it was a mutual fit for “Call for All” to strengthen POEA’s service by enabling applicants to call their families or loved ones abroad while they were in the midst of applying for work overseas.

Sponsor Information. What were incentives for sponsors?

Our sponsors were given exposure on free television within GMA News TV and on-ground in the event venues. Within the event proper, our sponsors provided cellphones for the callers to use, as well as the prepaid cards which would provide them minutes to call domestic or international.

On TV, GMA News TV sponsors were part of the different plugs promoting the event. Invite plugs to the event as well as post-event plugs which recapped all the activities of “Call for All” had logos of the sponsors. Not only that, each sponsor also had a solo plug which gave viewers helpful and practical tips about calling abroad which featured the brand. These plugs brought brands closer to their target audiences, as they were seen as being the gateway to reaching loved ones across the world.

GMA News TV created booths for each of the sponsors which enabled them to give event goers a different experience of their brand through games, and sampling of their products. Their presence on-ground also strengthened their affinity with families of OFWs as it helped those who could not afford to call abroad or locally be given a chance to reach their families across the world.

Aside from the venues of “Call for All”, various posters, flyers and tarps featured all the sponsors’ logos, were seen within the general vicinity of the area.

Impact. What was the audience reach? What correlations were visible?

Call for All” was able to provide free calls to a total of 534 callers in two days. In those two days, callers communicated with their loved ones in over 51 countries, amongst them countries from Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

Based on statistics of calls made abroad, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and USA were three of the top countries with the most number of callers, communicating the strong number of OFWs in the Middle East and USA.

Aside from international calls, there were also a high number of domestic callers, which indicated that numerous people in Metro Manila also had families they were communicating with in different provinces across the country.

Effect. Data on social behavioral changes due to the PSA.

There was a 119% increase in attendance of the 2nd leg of “Call for All” compared to the first leg of the event. This shows us that with on-air promotions of GMA News TV coupled with the location of the events, there was an uptick in interest and participation for “Call for All”.

GMA News TV was also able to impact the participants of the event, as GMA News TV and its various shows were seen as partners of OFWs and their families. With booths, fun games and program episodes to both entertain and inform the registrants waiting for their turn to talk to their families, GMA News TV was able to spread awareness of its thrust for “True Service” for Filipinos across the world.

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